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Wedding Canvas

Celebrate the moments that matter with our lasting wedding canvas prints

Wedding Canvas Prints Lab

Your wedding day deserves the spotlight, so let's frame it!

Every wedding tells a story. What does yours say?

Transforming precious wedding photos into eye-catching canvas art? That’s our specialty. With many personalization options, create a piece that holds onto the heartbeat of your big day. Our canvases are a class apart, revealing each memory in rich detail and profound emotion.

Got a wedding photo, sketch, or a bare-bones idea? No worries. Our team will work their magic, fusing your memories with masterful artistry. The next move is yours. Dive deep. Shape your love story today.

The Canvas Print Lab promise:

      • Quick on the draw: We promise a stunning wedding canvas, ready in a mere 24 hours.
      • Your edge, your choice: From folded to mirrored, pick an edge that complements your photo.
      • Size it up or down: With 16 unique sizes, pick one that speaks to your space.
      • Collage it: Combine multiple memories, painting your love saga on one canvas.
      • Tailored to you: From the backdrop to the layout, every detail echoes your style.
      • Crafted with love: Hand-stretched over fine pine frames, each canvas tells of dedication.
      • Clarity like no other: With top-grade inks and tech, expect nothing but vivid, clear prints.
      • Long-lasting: Our pieces resist the sun’s rays and are easy to clean.

      At Canvas Print Lab, every canvas is a journey, a blend of artistry and emotion. When you choose us, you’re not just getting a print; you’re preserving a cherished memory that transcends time. Your wedding day, with all its fleeting moments, deserves to be celebrated, cherished, and displayed with pride.


Here’s how it works:

Begin by uploading that heartwarming wedding photograph you wish to remember. We ensure your image shines in all its glory. Dive deep into customization, enhance shades, refine contrasts, and sharpen every minute detail. And if you’re looking to add a personal touch or two, our expert team is here to assist.

Transparency is vital to us. Hence, before we etch your memory onto canvas, we present a preview. Notice a shadow that doesn’t belong or an incorrect tone? Our artists are at the ready, skilled in fine-tuning even the slightest imperfections, ensuring your memory sparkles just as it should.

But the story doesn’t end with the image. Dive into a variety of edge styles, choose from many sizes to fit spaces big and small, and explore diverse designs that resonate with your personal aesthetic. From distinct layouts to color variations, we offer a world of possibilities. And for that final touch? Pick a frame that echoes your style, a subtle nod to your distinct taste.

The culmination of our combined efforts? A captivating wedding canvas print that stands as a testament to a day filled with love and joy. It’s more than just art; it’s a piece of history, crafted with both durability and affordability in mind.

Our canvases are built to last. And we stand by that.

At Canvas Print Lab, quality is our mantra. Using only the best materials and techniques, we confidently offer a lifetime guarantee on every piece. Let us know if you have any problems, and we’ll set it right. We aim to deliver art pieces that, like memories, stand the test of time.

Ready to frame your memories? Start today!

Frame choices that resonate with your wedding memories.

Standard Size: 2cm (¾”)

Every frame tells a story, and our Standard Frame is no exception. Meticulously carved from the finest pine, its lightweight structure lends an air of subtlety and grace. Especially suited for smaller canvases, it ensures that your cherished memories are framed with an aura of elegance, providing just the right blend of finesse and sturdiness. It’s the ideal choice for those seeking to add a touch of classic charm without overpowering the space.

Extra Large: 4cm (1½”)

Some memories are louder, more vivid, and simply unforgettable. For such grand recollections, the Bold Frame steps in. With its robust dimensions, this frame does more than just encase—it elevates. Each inch is designed to offer a commanding presence, ensuring your larger canvases are not just displayed, but showcased. The result? A frame that doesn’t just hold your memories but amplifies them, making sure they capture attention, evoke emotions, and inspire conversations.

A canvas isn’t just cloth and paint. It’s emotion.

The canvas DNA

Delve deeper into what makes our canvas unparalleled. Marrying the gentle embrace of cotton with the robustness of polyester, we’ve mastered a blend that achieves more than just longevity. It’s an ode to artistry, bringing forth prints that don’t just mimic, but often surpass, the allure of esteemed gallery displays. The textures beckon, the colors captivate, and the overall effect is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Your canvas, your rules

Everyone has a unique tale to tell, and our canvases are the blank slate awaiting your narrative. Whether you’re drawn to the expansive embrace of a landscape, the intimacy of a portrait, or the sweeping drama of a panorama, our range caters to every whim and fancy. Navigate through our vast customization ocean, and you’ll find the tools and options to craft a canvas as distinct as your fingerprint.

Top-quality, fair price

We’re in the business of crafting memories, not emptying wallets. While our commitment to producing premium canvases is unwavering, we believe that quality should be accessible. Benefit from our efficient processes and dedicated craftsmanship, and experience the joy of receiving a masterfully created canvas without feeling the pinch of exorbitant prices.

Creating made easy

We understand that not everyone’s a seasoned artist or tech guru. That’s why we’ve streamlined our platform to be as intuitive as possible. From the first spark of design inspiration to the final review, your journey with us is smooth and stress-free. Take your time to design, visualize, and make it perfect. And once you’re satisfied? Rest easy, knowing your personalized canvas embarks on its journey to you within a mere day.

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