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Golden state moments: Every memory tells a story

California, where the waves kiss the coastline, the cities buzz with life, and the majestic sequoias touch the skies. It’s more than a state; it’s a state of mind. Whether you’re chasing sunsets at Venice Beach or hiking the trails of Yosemite, every snapshot you’ve taken holds the heart and soul of California. And guess what? Canvas Print Lab is right here to bring that essence into your space.

From surf to snow: California’s diverse landscapes

Remember that day you dipped your toes in the Pacific Ocean and felt the cool waters of Malibu, only to later find yourself wrapped in a warm blanket, sipping cocoa in Lake Tahoe? That’s the Californian magic. Your camera captures it; we frame it. Bring the dynamic landscapes of California into your living room.

Urban jungles and hidden gems

Ah, the electric pulse of Los Angeles and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco! But there’s more to California than its famous cities. Perhaps you’ve discovered the artistic alleys of Sacramento or the vine-clad beauty of Napa Valley. No matter where your adventures took you, let’s transform these hidden gems and bustling metropolises into art.

California dreaming: On such a canvas day

California’s spirit is not just in its landmarks but also in its moments. The laughters shared over tacos in San Diego, the awe of walking beneath ancient redwoods, or the pride during a Pride Parade. Every emotion, every fleeting glance – we’re here to make them timeless.

A symphony of cultures: Celebrate diversity

The mariachi bands, the Lunar New Year celebrations, the fusion of foods from every corner of the world. California, you’re a melting pot, and every cultural nuance is a story waiting to be framed. Let Canvas Print Lab help you celebrate your memories.

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Custom California Canvas Prints

From the Golden Gate Bridge’s iconic silhouette to the untouched beauty of Yosemite, California is a photographer’s dream. Translate those vibrant sunsets over Malibu or the cascading waterfalls in Big Sur into canvas artworks that brighten up your space.

Pet-Portraits-Canvas Print Lab

California Pet Portraits on Canvas

Did your pet have a playful dash across the sands of Pacific Beach, or perhaps a relaxing nap under Palm Springs’ palm trees? Immortalize these adorable moments against California’s picturesque settings on canvas, making them forever treasures.


California Canvas Art Prints

Whether it’s the star-studded streets of Hollywood, the serene vineyards of Napa Valley, or the surf culture of Huntington Beach, every snapshot carries California’s heartbeat. Let these prints be a testament to the state’s ever-changing moods and hues.

Wedding Canvas Print Lab

California Wedding Canvas Prints

With the Pacific coastline as a backdrop, vineyard settings, or amidst the sequoias, California weddings are truly enchanting. Commemorate that special day with a canvas print that resonates with love, promise, and the Golden State’s charm.

Photo-Collage Canvas Print Lab

California Photo Collage Canvas

California is a journey. From the mystical allure of the Redwoods to the urban vibes of Downtown LA and the tranquility of Lake Tahoe; blend these contrasting experiences into a collage canvas that tells your unique Californian tale.

Baby Photo Canvas Print Lab

California Baby Photos on Canvas

Your little one’s wonder at their first beach day in Santa Monica or their giggles in a blooming rose garden in San Jose; every Californian moment is golden. Seal these cherished instances onto canvas prints that emanate joy and sunshine.

California is a kaleidoscope of experiences, and with Canvas Print Lab, your memories will get the touch of artistry they deserve. Here’s to reliving and celebrating the Golden State, one canvas at a time.

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Sturdy pine wood frames

Standard Size: 2cm (¾”)

The epitome of elegance. Our standard frames are carved from kiln-dried white pine, procured sustainably. They are light, durable, and designed to resist warping. These frames complement smaller artworks without compromising on strength.

Extra Large: 4cm (1½”)

For those memories that demand grandeur. Our robust pine frames are engineered to be the centerpiece, breathing gallery vibes into any space.

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